We offer a large selection of gym mats and exercise mats. Our gym mats are a perfect solution for protecting carpet flooring or hard flooring from wear and tear caused by the constant friction of gym equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes and other gym equipment. Our gym mat solutions also protect your equipment as they prevent dust from getting caught in the machine and by providing a level surface for a secure stand.

Our range of gym flooring is suitable for professional and home gyms alike. Rubber gym flooring solutions include gym mats and gym flooring of various thicknesses from 10mm to 20mm. Rubber gym flooring can be customized according to your size requirements and to fit any setting.

Make sure to also explore our range of exercise mats which provide a great protective floor covering and create the additional warmth necessary for a comfortable exercise on any floor. A cold, hard, uninviting floor is an excuse to avoid exercise. Having a professional-looking exercise mat or gym mat helps set the mood for exercising, just as a well-appointed desk is conducive to good study habits.