Gym Mat Guide

While the purchase of a gym mat may seem like a simple enough decision, this isn’t entirely so. There are many different types of gym mats on the market and what you choose can make a difference.

Many of the mats are designed with a specific activity in mind, be it yoga, exersice, cycling and there are also different makes and models of these products. Selecting the wrong one can decrease performance and add to muscle aches, just to name a few things.

Before buying any type of gym equipment, it’s always best to know what you need and know a little bit about the product.

Some of the most common types of gym mats are the tumbling mats, yoga mats and those of the folding variety. Thickness of these mats can vary significantly and this should be taken into consideration. The tumbling mat is somewhat thicker, allowing for greater shock absorbency, the folding gym mat is meant for general use and typically doesn’t provide a lot of protection. These are most commonly used in schools and beginner classes. The yoga mats are also among those that come with a little extra cushioning and are somewhat thicker than the other varieties.

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